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From our beautiful selection of designer-inspired color and on-trend stains, to our specialty finishes and glazes, Diamond offers the most on-trend color palette around!

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Our three brand new cabinet doors add even more interesting options and potential combinations to our already impressive lineup of transitional and modern selections. Whether you’re looking for a style that’s pure and simple, something that leans a bit more traditional, or, perhaps, one that adds a rustic vibe, we offer just the right door to meet your needs.

Types of Cabinetry

Wells – Current and Confident Style

The only thing that could make our newest flat panel door,Wells, any more attractive is knowing that it has a raised panel counterpart. Whether you decide to use it alone or pair it with its partner for an interesting contrast, the 3″ wide rails, standard five piece drawer front, and clean, subtle details of Wells look great in any finish, in every home. Available in Cherry and Maple, and with a slab drawer front option.

Davis – Tradition Redefined

Davis is a striking equivalent to new flat panel, Wells, but with a solid, raised center panel that provides a bit more detail with a slight nod toward more traditional styling. Classic and beautiful on its own, and more dramatic when paired with its partner, Davis also features 3″ wide rails and a standard five piece drawer front with a slab drawer front option. Available in Cherry and Maple.

Worthen – Modern Mode

Introducing Worthen, a versatile, wide rail door available exclusively with Elk finish, a medium walnut brown, textured wood grain in PureStyle™. Worthen offers a modern take on a rustic look, keeping it warm, not stodgy. If you’re one to think outside the box, this style can also act as a unique design complement to a bright, modern room.



Bring the beauty of the outside in, with bright beach colors or the warmth of the wilderness. Our new cabinet colors inspired both by nature and the latest trends in home fashion, mix and match effortlessly with each other, as well as with many choices in our existing finish palette – allowing you to be just as adventurous as you care to be.

JD Kitchen Project Sea Salt & onyx on Oak.

vintage chic

A fashion-forward monochromatic palette with unexpected textural details is both bold
and inspiring while remaining harmonious and sophisticated.

Medallion Cabinetry offers a nearly limitless array of styleswood finishes and customizable cabinetry to create built-in furniture for the kitchenbath, and other living spaces throughout your home.

Founded in 1969, Medallion has a long-standing history of manufacturing innovative products and delivering excellent, domestic customer service.

50 YEARS OF INSPIRED BEAUTY From our founding in 1969, Medallion has been committed to handcrafted artistry and enduring quality, offering a nearly limitless array of styles, wood finishes and customizable cabinetry to create built-in furniture for the kitchen, bath, and other living spaces.

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